Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Another roadblock on the road to authorship

And it's called Final Fantasy XII. Ouch. I promise, I'll get back to writing soon! Heck, I have to finish my NaNo, because the deadline on the Lulu free copy thing is in January sometime. I haven't given up on my blog, dear readers, and now that the Christmas madness is done, and my repetitive stress injury has healed, I'm planning on getting back on track January 1. Maybe 2, depending on the hangover.

My New Year's resolution: to complete a novel and get it submitted. I'm not sure which one it will be; I think that Double Edged Sword may need a lot more work before it's ready for the polishing stage (a LOT more work) while the previous project I worked on is starting to tickle me. It is completed, but needs some serious reworking. The majority of it was written in NaNo 2002, and later finished. It's a story that I've liked for a while, and may be a little cliche in places (has the dreaded Obvious Romance that I hate so much), but the characters are very vivid, and it's a little less difficult a deal than DES is. It also has a shitty working title, Shadowhawk's Fire, which will be changed.

The more I think about it, the more I think I want to work with that. I just need to dig up the old disks. They do say that you should set a work aside for a while before editing it. Is four years enough? I need to label all of these posts before

Take that, Sean. ;)

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Final Project for my HTML class

My final project for my HTML class is naturally to build a website. In keeping with recent obsessions. I'm making the subject of this project a website on my writing process, advice for writers, etc. Yeah, I know that as an unpublished author I am not qualified to give writing advice, but I like to think I know my craft pretty well, and hey, this is a school project.

I'll be posting it online for extra credit (you get extra credit for actually hosting it live somewhere) so I'll be linking it from here, just so you can see what I'm doing about it.

And hey, it's actually on topic!

EDIT: Here you go. I like my date thingy best of all, and I've decided that I adore stylesheets.

Monday, December 04, 2006

A short hiatus

I've been laboring under a short hiatus, but I don't want you guys to think I've abandoned my blog now that I've finished NaNo officially! Actually, I have about two weeks left in my school quarter, and I'm badly behind in one of my classes, so I'm going to work very hard on getting caught up there, and once I do, I return to writing in earnest. I have been writing here or there, and thinking about my plot, so my novel hasn't fallen by the wayside.

I'm thinking my original group dynamic (the priest and the convict alone) just plain isn't working. There's just not enough to go on about between the two of them throughout. I think it would work a lot better with a third character there from the start, perhaps another male, sent by the church to guard the priest. He would be the voice of reason, and give an extra layer to the Caedas's task of corruption, and make it all the more poignant when the priest falls. HEck, I could even make him madly in love with Salissa, and her naturally ignore him or not notice. That way, it gives my future ficcers some "ships" to work with, and a little more conflict to drive the story along!

I don't know. I'll finish the novel as-is and work on those changes in the re-write.

I will be joining a critique group in March (we're giving ourselves a few months to polish our novels) that is run by one of my wrimos, and which I am blissfully NOT in charge of.

I am also thinking of doing another NaNo perhaps in January or February. We'll see.