Saturday, February 03, 2007

Technical failure

Technology failed me today. I was happily pounding away on Chapter 5, when my laptop died, abruptly.

I searched for the source, and realized I had a pillow sitting on top of my power supply, and it overheated. I'm hoping and praying that it didn't destroy the AC adapter completely, nor destroy my progress.

I'm a stickler for backups, so if I do lose work, it'll only be about a chapter's worth (I generally backup up to disk every two chapters or so.

Ah, the hazards of working on an ancient IBM thinkpad.

EDIT: Good news! It was just a simple overheat. After some fiddling, we got it back. Then the floppy drive jammed, inciting another panic attack, but that was just a random broken bit of laptop that had gotten ramming in there at an odd angle.


David said...

I heard you were looking for
"Small (1.44mb or less) Word Processors" .
If you find any (good or bad),
please add them to the list at
Tiny Editors .

Thank you.

Heather said...

Thanks, David, I did indeed. RoughDraft definitely qualifies as a tiny editor, so I added it to the list.