Saturday, August 02, 2008

Writer for hire

I've decided to venture into the world of Freelancing.

What shall I be doing, you ask?

Well, writing, I hope. I would love to be paid to write; after all, it is my passion, my art. So I shall. I shall be applying for various positions. Blogging first; I'm online daily, and love to post, and while I haven't been writing much fiction, I've been writing in various journals and blogs. While much of what I've written is private, I have written every day for many moons.

So who knows, dear readers; I might be the next big thing in the blogosphere. ;)

In addition, I will be starting a web design business. No, I can't claim credit for this layout. As much as I love it, is not mine. I'll be making one of my own anyway. But I am a designer by trade and education, so I will be undertaking web design work.

Now, to piece together my scattered portfolio...


Christine Feehan said...

Shudder? I heard what you said about me. I'm watching you.

Heather said...

You should be. I'm after your job. ;)

Christine Feehan said...

Ha! Keep that sense of humor and you just may get it. :0)

Heather said...

May it be so! And trust me, any comments I've said here stem from pure jealousy on my part at your phenomenal success.