Monday, November 02, 2009

NaNoWriMo 2009: First day's progress: slow but steady

I didn't get as much of a boost as I was hoping for, this go round, but I've set a comfortable pace that I think I can actually maintain.

Last night's trauma left me with a pitiful start: 200 words by the time I went to bed. In all fairness, it was the Lortab that left me drowsy and unable to focus, that combined with general exhaustion from a long day and pain from the sprained ankle.

Today has been a frustrating day dealing with malfunctioning forums, although I have been incredibly impressed by their performance thus far. Failures to load aside, they're staying up and reasonably zippy, given that this is our highest traffic day, and in years past, this always meant CRASHING or completely unusable.

I wrote in drips and drabs, starting and stopping my writing timer so I could keep track of how much actual time I wrote. Most of it happened after 9, when the girls went to bed. Final results?

60 minutes of writing, 3,737 words total. I need 3,334 per day to reach my ultimate goal of at least 100k. My full goal: 100k or a complete novel. Preferably at least the former, combined WITH the latter. I'd really like a complete novel, more than a particular word count, so if I hit 90k and it's done, I'll be happy.

i'm starting the story slowly, with the interactions between my two MC. They're twins (don't groan, please). One is albino... but she suffers from the same maladies real world albinos do. She's damn near blind, and has to wear a cloak any time she's outside, or she'll get a severe sunburn. This is a fantasy, so she's learning to use magic to compensate, but it's imperfect, and she's definitely a bit handicapped.

Her brother is the protective sort, very outgoing and physical, she's introverted and academic.

I've also introduce the other MC, the third member of their Hunter's Triad. This thing really has a bit of a YA feel this first chapter, even though they're 22, because they haven't yet become Journeymen, and are still students. That's definitely not the focus I'm going for, though. They'll be out in the world and their age and student status will be left behind.

I'm trying to decide if I want three POVs or not... there will be at least two, Sara and Larath, but I'm trying to decide if I want to pull L'varen in. I guess it'll depend on how strongly he comes through for me. Right now, he's a bit more clownish than I intended. He'll get more serious, I hope.

Things are flowing smoothly, a good sign. I was already having trouble finding my characters last year at this point. They're coming through, and already feeling real.

A bit about them: They are both 22, and living under the shadow of very famous, skilled parents. Part of the point of this story is going to be them finding their own identity, outside of a famous family, and making a name for themselves. Sara is not as concerned with this as Larath; she's content with her books and her magic. He is more ambitious, and is determined to be a greater Hunter than his father, who is one of the best. i'm trying to design them to be not polar opposites, but complementary. They're close. I'm going to introduce more friction as the story continues, because I want their growing independence from each other and their parents to be a strong focus until the middle of the story, when it's going to become more about them dealing with the consequences of their family's past... through no fault of their own.

So, tell me about your stories. If you're doing NaNo this year, what is your novel about? What genre? How has your first day gone? I'd love to hear from you.


Ofira Sephiroth said...

Mine is a ghost story. Yesterday was actually a good day for me - finished with a word count of 4,873. I have to get a good head start. Like your being on heavy pain meds yesterday, I have a colonoscopy coming up on the 10th. So, I'll lose a day of writing. I hope your ankle is feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, this sounds excellent! I'm fascinated by it already--any chance you'll be posting excerpts??

Mine is an adventure story, I think. I've had trouble defining its genre. It's about an ordinary girl, Terra, who is recruited for a terrorist fighting agency to be a field agent--she herself is the opposite of "field agent" material (clutzy, not at all athletic), but when she puts on her Suit, which develops pathways in her brain as well as supplying her with brain chemicals that are "helpful" in combat, she becomes Justice, an unstoppable super-hero type fighter. The story will explore what happens when Justice becomes more about vengeance, when the fight becomes personal. Terra will also have to learn to come into her own apart from her Suit and apart from Justice.

Heather said...

Ofira Sephiroth: It's getting a little better. I can put a little pressure on it for balance, which is an improvement for sure.

nicnacwriting: Definitely. As I find particularly tasty bits, I'll post little tidbits here and there.

Your story sounds interesting, as well; I'm a sucker for a good superhero tale. :)

Mary G. said...

Oh my gosh! I'm with nicnawriting; I definitely want to follow this novel.

Mine is a teen/YA sci-fi novel. My MC is 15 1/2 year old Pen Sorenson, a tomboy, the only girl in her family and the youngest of eight. She's not at all interested in guys except as friends to hang out with until one of her friends dares her to kiss him. She's disgusted at the mere thought, and she doesn't really like the guy, but she's never backed down from a challenge.

She slowly realizes that she's starting to notice guys as possibly more than just friends, in particular Jay Beck, a friend of both her and her brother Ashley.

One night while playing a game of Night Hunt, Pen and Jay realize they've stumbled across a drug dealer's hideout and even see one of the city Guards there. After telling a couple of people, Pen and Jay are finally believed and some of the dealers are caught, tho the Guard escapes. All the while, Pen and Jay realize there's a mutual attraction growing. Then Jay gets the call to head to space pilot school.

I've had a rough start myself, not even getting a full day's word count in. :( But hopefully it'll come together.

Soni said...

Mine is a fantasy story, though I have yet to come up with a steady plot. Still toying with various ones. Basically I have three characters all of whom are wanted by the oppressive government. The main character is recruited by the other two to guide them through the dangerous parts of the country and across the border. Not sure what will happen, as of yet she has still refused to join them since she is not fond of the other woman in the party.

It's going well so far. I'm at the mark for staying right on track today, but would like to push through to my personal goal of 2000 per day. I still have two hours til midnight here so I think I will make it, if I ever get my MC away from the bakery.