Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The final run! 35k in 7 days

So I'm sure you've noticed. I'm behind. WAY behind. I've hit a wall of depression (unrelated to NaNo) and lack of motivation, but today is the day that I'm going to break through it and write anyway.

So who's with me? Who is going to race to the finish?

Will you beat me there? ARe you behind? So behind you don't think you can recover?

You can. I've done 50k in 10 days. Sure, couldn't use a keyboard for a month. But I DID it. And I'm going to do this.

Even if I have to start a war to do it.

Let the games begin.


AmberLaShell said...

I was way behind, but finally caught up today, logged in 5500 today! I hope you can catch up, good luck!

Ton said...

hi ^___^

I'm still pretty far behind, but I'm doing like a 30,000 word night... on the eve of the final day xD

Alei said...

You can do it! Come on!! I'm waiting at the finish line for you WRITE THAT NOVEL!!