Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Stop doing that!

Ready to tackle writerly things for the new year? Stop right there, and read this list. It's 25 things writers should stop doing, right fucking now. And these are things that are all over the NaNo forums, where people worry about this or that, anything to prevent themselves from actually writing.

I started #WIP500 last night. I hit right at 500 words, estimated, and finished before bed. The cool thing is I had a spot of inspiration, and thought of a spiffy plot twist that just might result in me being able to combine the two endings I'm battling in a way that's sensible and pleasing to me.

I wanted to write more today, but I've been so cold that my poor fingers couldn't hold a pen, and barely type. I spent most of the day snuggled under a sherpa throw and two cats, just trying to stay warm.

So what do you think... can I really write 500 words a day, every day?

Can I do it for the whole year?

I can... but will I?


Kate Higgins said...

My one resolution for 2012 is;

"Five minutes of writing a day for a year equals a book." It equals about 100 'good' words. That will work out to 35,600 words...A BOOK! And you know some days you just don't want to stop.
Now I just have to pick a WIP or use one of my 2 or 3000 ideas. And FOCUS.

So how are you doing tall dragon lady? Remember me from the SCBWI LA conference 4 years ago (or was it five???!!) – Kate Higgins

Heather said...

Doing pretty well! I"m not sure what conference you're talking about... if it was in LA, it wasn't me. :) I never made it to California until NOWD in November.