Tuesday, April 25, 2006

This is Not My Actual Blog

Actually, it IS my actual blog, now.

When I posted this, it was mostly just to have a blog to comment on my cousin's website, where he has a blogger blog. Instead of anonymous comments, I wanted to be able to post as me.

As the months passed, I realized that my personal journal is just that... a journal. Not a blog, and I wanted a space for me to devote to a single subject.

So I have. I have now made this blog my place, my home for all things writing-related.


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CJ Beynon said...

That's a very impressive number. The Great Gatsby only had 50k.
I think sometimes there's too much emphasis on word counts. If you can add something valuable, go for it, but not just to pad your count. In some cases, I'm starting to understand, there should be just as much importance placed on trimming, as adding.