Sunday, November 19, 2006

Bogged down in real life

I've managed to get a couple thousand over the 50k mark, but I've noticed another barrier. Like the week two barrier, the 50k barrier is hard to push past. You've done it, you're at 50k, and your brain keeps asking, "Why the hell are you still going, exactly?"

Add that to the insanity of getting my house ready for my daughter's first birthday party yesterday, and it hasn't been a good week for writing.

I have some classwork that I neglected over the last week or so in my mad rush to hit 50k, so I'm going to catch up on that (having a completed manuscript is worthless if I fail my classes!) and then spend the next week writing again. Have no fear, my faithful readers (I think I'm up to four now!) I shall continue slogging on. I'm just taking a break to let my wrist heal, and my brain recover from the brain dump.

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Bethanie said...

I know the feeling... This my 3rd novel-in-a-month adventure and my stories NEVER come in at anything less than 60K. And after you get to 50K in November, the motivation to keep going does tend to dry up.

But you gatta keep at it! Even if you don't get to the end of the story on the 30th (I'm pretty sure I'll be headed for NaNoFiMo myself).

Good luck and don't stop until you get that first draft done!