Friday, October 20, 2006


The countdown to NaNo continues... and I'm dying to get started. Part of me wants to scrap the whole pretense of writing during November... I've won once already, and it's really a pride thing. What's important is that I write, right? Well, sortof.

I'm the municipal liaison for my region. My wrimos look up to me, and are counting on me to slog through the trenches side-by-side... if I start eleven days early, then I'm not really with them.

The problem is though, that I'm in this for me. I want to be published, but to do that, I have to actually write something. And so far, all I've got is a couple of character backstories and a synopsis. The writer in me is screaming to be let out, and I'm busy surfing the forums critiquing other folks' plots and roving the internet for blogs to read.

I want this so badly I can taste it, and it's killing me to wait until I get started.

I'll wait though, because the challenge is important to me. I want to succeed at any goal I've set myself, and this is one that I'm determined to make.

Now, if I can just convince my daughter that mama really does need you to not pull on the laptop cord..

Or even better. That I need to go to the coffee shop and write there.

Bless you, my husband, for enabling all of this.

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