Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Never underestimate the power of a good mug

I think that every good writer needs a good mug.

I don't necessarily mean for coffee-- while caffeine is almost a necessity for late-night writing sessions, coffee doesn't have to be its sole vehicle, and some folks (like myself this time last year... nine months pregnant!) can't have it at all. It can be for tea, milk, soda... whatever your greedy little heart desires.

But you need to have a good mug.

I finally found my mug, the one that makes you giggle with glee and contemplate taking it places with you. That you go to writeins with and fill it up with whatever. The mug that you clasp in two hands and savor every sip, because being in that perfect mug makes it taste better.

It might be a mug that your kids made for you in crafts out of clay and glazed with a godawful puke green and with a weirdly twisted handle. It might be a monogrammed, gold-inlaid custom order from Paris that you paid entirely too much for. It might even be that NaNoWriMo mug that I want so much. But you need a mug. If you don't have it yet, then I highly suggest you go on a hunt for it.

My mug is lavender, one of those oversized ones that you get in specialty coffee shops. I got it at Books a Million's Joe Muggs, and it's absolutely perfect. It is a pleasant shape, holds a dangerous amount of coffee that needs frequent amounts of warmups because you get down halfway and it feels too empty. It's the perfect shape and size to press both hands into to warm up my arthritic knuckles (yes, I know I 'm only 27, but hey, you can't tell genetics that I'm too young for this affliction). But best of all, it's BUMPY.

It is covered with evenly spaced raised bumps that I stroke when I'm thinking. When your fingers are achy from too long typing, you can rub them along these magical bumps and they are soothed into pounding out a few more words. And it only cost me $5. $4.55 to be exact, thanks to Violet's discount card.

You should find your mug. Make sure it's a big one (getting up to refill too often is a distraction... even if it's a good idea ergonomically speaking) Just having it can make you feel writerly. Use it only for writing, too, so that when you pour a mug of whatever-you're-drinking, your brain gets shifted into the right place to really get into writing; If you sit down, with no distractions, and your super writing mug (whatever form it may take) - hopefully you'll churn out a masterpiece!


Rosaria said...

I like a wine myself!

Heather said...

See, now drinking wine from a mug is deliciously bad. :)

Cylithria™ said...

my mug is bright yellow and says "sex maniac's drink from yellow mugs" Sadly - i am an imposter sex maniac but hey......and wine in mug......yummy

DebbieDay said...

HI Heather!!!

I'm so glad I found my way to your blog, the link at NANO wouldn't work the other night server I guess.

Oh for sure, I need a NEW mug! I use any occasion I can to look for my latest favorite and what better excuse than NANOWRIMO, especially since its my FIRST year!

My curent mug in use is a lighthouse one from a trip to NC nearly 2 years ago, so I'm long overdue....I'll make that my ision before the first!!!

Heather said...

Hey Debbie. :) Glad you stopped in!

And yes, you should totally get a new one for NaNoWriMo. you deserve a reward for even ATTEMPTING it, so what better than a mug to help you through the month!

Shannon said...

I have mugs at strategic places around my house. Every one of them is filled with writing implements! The one here next to my computer says, "Dear Dorothy, I'll get you, my pretty, and your little dog too! Yours truly, Wicked Witch" Found it on a field trip to Kansas one summer.