Tuesday, October 31, 2006

It is about to begin

At midnight tonight, the frantic noveling fury begins. How do I feel about it, after sitting on this idea for nearly three weeks? (Or is it two? I'm too lazy to count.) Confident. Calm. Normally, I'm an absolute bouncing, hyperactive nutjob. This year, though, I've got almost zen-like confidence. It's not a matter if, it's when. I've been challenged by my wrimos, I've challenged myself. Failure is not an option; I've entered a word count challenge with an expatriate wrimo of mine from a couple of years ago who now lives in Japan. I'm determined to beat her. I'm confident I will.

If the image here isn't loading, the NaNo servers are probably overloaded. They usually are on October 31st and November 1st. In fact, they usually crash completely.

For the curious, I've included an active participant icon on the right side of the page, with a link to my progress report. See how well I do. :) I'm generally a writing machine, when I put my mind to it, so feel free to cheer on my progress... or mock the lack of it, if my boasts prove to be in vain.

I've given the idea time to simmer and gel, I've done just the right about of pre-planning. I've worked out a few kinks, but I've also given it enough room to expand on, so that I'm not being too strict with myself. I love my idea, I love my characters... in short, I'm ready for this.

If you're lucky, I might post a small excerpt or two for you to read. In the mean time, good luck to all who are participating in the competition this year, and may the words flow freely!

Now, in the mean time, I must wash dishes and make coffee... my head is telling me that I haven't had nearly enough caffeine today.

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